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Auteur Topic: Auto GP  (gelezen 55945 keer)
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« Gepost op: Maart 21, 2010, 11:45:14 »

de Euroseries 3000 gaat in 2010 verder onder de naam Auto GP

Er doen 22 Lola B05/52, aangedreven door een 550 pk sterke V8, 3.4 liter motor mee.

Chassis: koolstofvezel en aluminium honingraat
Wielbasis: 3.000 mm (118,1 cm)
Gewicht: 695 Kg (bestuurder inbegrepen)
Vering: dubbele draagarmen met push-rod
Dempers: Ohlins TT44 3-Way, verstelbare
Motor: V8 -3,400 cc - 550CV
Versnellingsbak: XTrac, Electronic, zes versnellingen
Remmen: AP remklauwen met vier zuigers, stalen schijven

Tijdens het testen in Portimão, de Auto GP Lola B05/52 was sneller dan een World Series by Renault 3.5 auto per 1,6 seconden (1:31.8 naar 1:33.4), terwijl in Monza, met een tijd van 1:36.197 was het weer sneller dan zowel een World Series by Renault auto (1:36.480) en een Superleague Formula auto (1:36.444). Vergeleken met F2, de Auto GP auto is ongeveer zes seconden per ronde sneller.

De Auto GP tijdschema zal worden gehouden over twee dagen. Tijdens de eerste dag zullen twee 30 minuten oefensessies worden gehouden, gevolgd door een 30 minuten kwalificatie. De tweede dag zal gastheer Race 1 en Race 2. Kwalificatie pole positie beloont de winnaar met een punt en zet het rooster van de eerste race, die wordt gereden gedurende 40 tot 45 minuten of 90 km met een verplichte pitstop. De top acht coureurs  kunnen punten  scoren, met de toewijzing regeling volgende Formule 1 (10, 8, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Een extra punt wordt toegekend aan de coureur die de snelste ronde van de race rijdt.

De grid voor race 2 wordt bepaald door de afwerking volgorde van de eerste race, met de top acht posities omgekeerd. Race 2 is een race van 30 tot 35 minuten of 70 km. De top zes coureurs kunnen punten scoren, met de toewijzing regeling volgende GP2 (6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1). Een extra punt wordt toegekend aan decoureur die de snelste ronde van de race heeft.

Bekende teams die meedoen.

Dams GP2 en A1GP team France
Supernova Gp2 en A1GP team Germany en tean New Zealand
Charouz Racing System team A1GP team Brazilie en team Tsjechië
Coloni Motorsport GP2
Draco Racing World Series by Renault
Durango GP2
Trident Racing  GP2


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dat zijn us de oude A1gp Lola's  Lachebek
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dat zijn dus de oude A1gp Lola's  Lachebek

Ja op zich niks mis mee toch, kijk eens naar de Indycar hoe oud de wagens daar zijn?
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Hier wat you tube filmpjes van Auto GP

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Tambay, Gachnang, Tung join Charouz-Gravity24/03/2010Charouz-Gravity Racing has completed its Auto GP line-up. On the team’s cars, painted in the Renault F.1 colours, Adrian Tambay and Natacha Gachnang will race alongside the already confirmed Jan Charouz and Walter Grubmüller, with Ho-Pin Tung as the team’s reserve driver.
So, there are two talented new entries in Auto GP, whose grid becomes more and more interesting day after day. With Tambay and Gachnang, the championship welcomes two young drivers with a vast international experience, who decided to prove themselves taming the 550 bhp of the Auto GP Lola-Zytek car.

Adrien Tambay, 19 years-old, is son of Patrick, F.1 driver from 1977 to 1986 for teams like Renault, McLaren and Ferrari, with two GP wins. Despite such a big heritage, Adrien quickly managed to build his own image relying on his talent when he stated with single seaters: he was the best rookie and 4th overall in the F.Bmw Germany in 2007, and the following year he got back in Europe, to race in the European F.Bmw. Under the F1 manager’s eyes, Adrien was among the top runners, closing the season in 3rd place with 2 wins, 9 podium finishes and 2 pole positions. In 2009 he raced in the hyper-competitive F3 Euroseries, a championship which was very important to prepare him for the Auto GP challenge.

Natacha Gachnang, 22 years-old, is from Switzerland. In spite of coming from a country were motor racing is prohibited, her passion for motorsport grew quickly. Consequently, Natacha started challenging her male competitors on the tracks, all over the world. Despite being so young, Natacha already raced in the USA, and throughout her career she’s been a consistent podium finisher. She got three podiums in the German F3, four in the Star Mazda, while in her best season, 2008, she even managed to lead the overall standings of the Spanish F3 championship. In the first race of the year she got the pole position, getting four podium finishes and two fastest laps before the end of the season. In 2009 she raced in Formula Two, and also in Sportscars with the Formula Le Mans.
Auto GP will be a new challenge for her, and even something more for the history of women in motorsport. That’s because it will be the first time since 1992, when Giovanna Amati tried to qualify in three F1 races with Brabham, that an European female driver takes the wheel of such a powerful single seater.

Gachnang and Tambay join two more experienced drivers like Jan Charouz and Walter Grubmüller.

Jan Charouz starts the 2010 season as an official test and reserve driver for the Renault F1 Team. Last year, he won the Le Mans Series LM P1 Championship title helped by two victories in the Barcelona and Nürburgring 1000kms. He also finished fourth overall in the mythic Le Mans 24 Hours. Jan’s talent did not go unnoticed by the FIA, which presented him with the FIA 2009 Talent of the Year award, and he also received the Jiri Sedlar Award for the best Czech Racing Driver of the Year in the under 23-year-old category. Before racing sports cars, the Czech driver met with success in single-seaters winning the 2006 F3000 International Masters Series in both the overall and Rookie Classifications. He also represented the Czech Republic in A1GP and tested in the GP2 Series. He started winning early on in his career. In 2002, he became the youngest victor in the history of the Czech Touring Car Championship. Jan has decided to come back to single-seaters, and will race in the Auto GP Championship as well as the World Series by Renault.

Walter Grubmüller has been racing single-seaters since 2005. He gained experience in the Formula Renault and Asian Formula 3 Series. Since 2007, he has been competing in the British F3 Championship. In 2009, he had his best season ever with two victories (Hockenheim and Donington) plus seven more podium finishes with the UK-based HiTech Racing team. Walter
finished the year second overall in the British F3 ratings. This year, he has the same programme as Jan Charouz, the Auto GP Championship and the World Series by Renault.

What they said:

Enzo Coloni: “We are happy that Charouz-Gravity Racing decided to complete their line-up with such talented drivers. Adrien already showed what he can do winning in F.Bmw, and he has everything is needed to be fast also on a bigger car like Auto GP. Natacha, after competing in Formula 2, will finally drive a really performing and powerful car. She already managed to beat her male competitors, and also in 2010 she won’t miss the chance. With this two joining Charouz and Grubmüller, the team has a very competitive and balanced line-up”.

Antonin Charouz: “It’s a joint project with our team and the owners of the Renault F1 team, and we greatly appreciate the confidence that they’ve shown in us. We have young drivers in our line-up; they are all highly talented and they really want to succeed. I’m sure it will be a very interesting season”.

Jan Charouz: “I’m looking forward to racing in the Auto GP Championship. Of course, we don’t exactly know yet how all the drivers will perform in this series, but I’m sure the races will be very interesting. I know the car from A1GP; it’s been upgraded and has better aerodynamics and tyres. For me, it’s another good opportunity to gain valuable experience. For sure, we’ll also be fighting for good results and, of course, I’m looking very forward to the opening race of the season on the Brno circuit”.

Walter Grubmüller: “To be honest, at this moment I’m very curious about my rivals and I’m looking forward to the championship. I like the car which we’ll race in the series, because it’s a bit more powerful than the ones I’ve driven in the past. I think I will gain a lot of useful experience in Auto GP”.

Natacha Gachnang: “The Gravity-Charouz Racing team will give me the opportunity to race in a single-seater series this year, which will make my overall programme very interesting. With GT1 and Auto GP, I will develop my skills further and I will certainly become a better driver”.

Adrien Tambay: “A driver always wants more power and more downforce. The Auto GP car should be the quickest single-seater I’ve ever driven and I’m looking forward to the challenge. My aim will be to fight for victory, and I will give 100% to achieve it”.
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Bekende namen van coureurs uit de A1GP

Adrian Zaugg with Trident Racing in Auto GP21/04/2010

Trident Racing has completed its Auto GP line-up. The italian team will field Adrian Zaugg, who will race besides the already confirmed Julian Leal. The two, despite being very young (19 years old Leal, 23 years-old Zaugg) will make a strong and experienced duo.
Zaugg, who was part of the Red Bull Drivers Programme at the start of his seingle seaters career, races from 2004. In 2005 he took his first win in F.Renault 2.0, racing in the Eurocup. Then, the following year, he was runner-up in the Italian Series, getting really close to the title with 6 wins, twelve pole positions and 4 podium finishes.
With this results and an unmistakeble talent, Adrian has built his own path to GP2 and A1 GP. In A1 GP, racing for Team South Africa, he had some very good seasons, and was able to clinch 3 wins, six podium finishes and five pole postions, adding important results to CV, which was completed in 2009 with a season in Ws by Renault.
Thanks to the agreement with Trident Racing, Zaugg will race with the same team that fielded him in the last GP2 Asia season, and will surely take advantage from this proven relationship.

Enzo Coloni: “I'm really happy of having another top-notch driver like Adrian in the championship. Everybody knows he is quick, and he knows the car from his A1 GP times, so he could be among the top runners right from the series first race. Zaugg's entry is also important because with him we have drivers from 9 different countries, something that gives us a really international appeal”.
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bekende namen uit de A1GP en de Formule1

SuperNova will field Pantano and Reid 12/04/2010

There’s again big news for Auto GP: SuperNova officially confirmed its line-up for the 2010 championship, revealing that the blue and yellow cars will be driven by Giorgio Pantano and Jonny Reid. Accustomed to racing at the highest levels in motorsport from at least 15 years, the british team will surely be one of the strongest outfits in the series, boasting a strong combination of team expertise and drivers’ skills: summing the careers of Pantano and Reid means getting an impressive total of 40 wins and around 80 podium finishes.
From 2000, when he started winning clinching the German F3 title, Giorgio never stopped: he was runner up in the International F3000 Championship in 2002, he finished third in 2003, then in 2004 he made his debut in F1 with Jordan. When GP2 started, Pantano became one of the series’ fiercest drivers racing with SuperNova in 2005, finishing third in 2007 and winning the title the following year, beating Bruno Senna.
Jonny Reid, from New Zealand, has been one of the best A1 GP drivers, racing in the series from 2005 to 2008. In three seasons, racing with Team New Zealand, he got 7 wins and 15 podium finishes, and was runner-up in the series standings for two seasons in a row, 06/07 and 07/08. Thanks to this experience Jonny has not only a very good knowledge of the Lola B05/52 car, but also a very good relationship with SuperNova, who was running the Team New Zealand car in Auto GP.

Enzo Coloni: “I know SuperNova really well and I know that they are used to having good drivers, but when I was told their line-up I was impressed anyway. Giorgio is a renowned racer, he is one of the biggest talents in motorsport, he won the GP2 title and he even raced in F.1. Reid was amazing in A1 GP, and I’m sure he will immediately find the feeling with the car, even if we did some modifications compared to what he was used to”.

Giorgio Pantano: “I’m really happy to be racing with SuperNova. They are a top team, and I know them well because we raced together in GP2. I chose Auto GP because I think that this was a great idea from Coloni. In this days, finding huge budgets is something difficult, so having the chance to earn money thanks to the results on track is something interesting for all the drivers. I think that Auto GP can be watched from two different sides: for a young driver is a good possibility to gain some experience, because you can really learn a lot driving such a car at this high level. For an experienced driver like me, it’s a great chance to race as a Pro thanks to the prize money”.

Jonny Reid: “I’m stoked to be racing for Super Nova in Auto GP. I’m looking forward to racing on the brilliant European circuits that make up the calendar. I have fond memories of winning in Brno with A1 Team New Zealand, which was engineered by David Sears Motorsport. I’m excited for the strong and competitive season ahead”.
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En het wordt op Motors TV uitgezonden! Grijns

When the flag drops, the bullshit stops!
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Topteams met toprijders, nu zijn critici wel even stil.
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The only barrier in life is the SAFER barrier.

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Topteams met toprijders, nu zijn critici wel even stil.

nogsteeds een hoop zitjes beschikbaar  Verbaasd

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Reid the fastest in Free Practice 23/04/2010

Jonny Reid was fastest in the Auto GP free practice in Brno. The kiwi driver, despite not driving a single seater car since 18 months ago, immediately got back the right feeling with the B05/52 Lola: after a useful testing day on Thursday and and a second place in the first Friday practice, he pushed as hard as he could in the second session, becoming the first Auto GP driver to get under the 1'43” mark. Also Adrian Zaugg, who was second two tenths adrift, was very close to that limit, in front of a very fast Onidi, already used to being among the fastest of the pack on the Czech track.
Behind him, a surprising Vladimir Arabadzhiev, already on an impressive pace despite being just at his second session on the car. It was a good practice also for Julian Leal, who completed a nearly perfect day for Trident with his fifth place. Behind Leal, a slightly disappointed Filippi, who could not lap in the second session due to a throttle cable glitch. Same disappointment, but for a different reason, for Pantano: the italian star tried some new set-up solutions with SuperNova, but he did lose some feeling with the car. He was anyway capable of keeping at bay Edoardo Piscopo and Jan Charouz, with Adrien Tambay closing the top 10. Then Celso Miguez, very happy for an improving trend that is bringing the spanish driver very close to the best laptimes, thanks also to some good setup changes made by his team, RP Motorsport. Miguez was ahead of Walter Grubmüller and of the new entry Carlos Iaconelli. The brazilian driver stepped in the car at the last moment to replace Giuseppe De Pasquale, forced to withdraw due to a wrist injury happened in Thursday testing, and was back with Durango, the team he raced with in GP2.
osi al polso nei test di giovedì, e ha ritrovato la Durango, team con cui ha gareggiato in GP2.

Jonny Reid: “I'm really happy, first of all because of the car. Auto GP did what A1 GP should have done at its times. Now there's more power, more grip both from the tires and the aero, it's a real racecar. Apart from this, being in front is such a good feling... and let me say that I love being racing in Europe again, having the chance to work with a professional team like SuperNova, it feels really good. I don't want to get to excited because we just started, but there was no better way to start”.

1.Jonny Reid SuperNova 1'42”780
2.Adrian Zaugg Trident 1'43”009
3.Fabio Onidi Lazarus 1'43”122
4.Vladimir Arabadzhiev DAMS 1'43”240
5.Julian Leal Trident 1'43”646
6.Luca Filippi Euronova 1'43”773
7.Giorgio Pantano SuperNova 1'43”878
8.Edoardo Piscopo DAMS 1'43”910
9.Jan Charouz Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'43”911
10.Adrien Tambay Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'44”027
11.Celso Miguez RP 1'44”051
12.Duncan Tappy DAMS 1'44”054
13.Walter Grubmüller Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'44”086
14.Carlos Jaconelli Durango 1'44”981
15.Stefano Bizzari RP 1'45”617
16.Giuseppe De Pasquale Durango 1'47”064
17.Tomas Kostka Charouz-Gravity Racing -
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Reid is the first Auto GP polesitter    24/04/2010

Jonny Reid is the first poleman of the Auto GP history. The SuperNova driver managed to put two tenths between his best time and his opponents' in a very difficult qualifying session. That was because the track conditions were very different compared to the previous days, with less wind a much warmer temperatures, things which made the track slower and slippery.
In this conditions, the first set of new tires was wasted, because the drivers needed to understand the new track limit. Only from the second set on, and after some changes in the set-ups, the Auto GP drivers had the chance to push harder.
With such a complex situation, things were easier for the most experienced drivers. It wasn't by chance that the fastest drivers were Reid, who raced with the same car and SuperNova in A1 GP, and Fabio Onidi, who contested the last Euroseries 3000 season on the Lola B05/52. The italian driver, who was among the fastest in Free Practice, did the right set-up choices with Team Lazarus and will start Race 1 from the 1st row, the ideal spot to try one of his renowned great starts. In his mirrors, Onidi will have to keep an eye on Edoardo Piscopo. The DAMS driver confirmed the same good shape of the testing and free practice days. Adrian Zaugg, behind him, was less than a tenth slower, disappointed for missing the first row but still confident for tomorrow's race. Behind him, Luca Filippi and Vladimir Arabadzhiev clinched the 3rd row despite being at their very first experience with the car, and managed in keeping at bay Duncan Tappy and Julian Leal. Just 0.008 behind Leal was Giorgio Pantano, struggling with understeer and complaining about two fast laps ruined by other drivers slowing down on track. He is hoping for a strong comeback in the race, as well as Jan Charouz, closing the top ten, Iaconelli, Tambay and Grubmüller. Closing the pack were the RP Motorsport guys, Miguez and Bizzarri, and Tomas Kostka, replacing the injured Natacha Gachnang.

Jonny Reid: “The car was not as good as yesterday, the set-up was just not good for today's conditions because of the hot temperatures. Despite this I clinched pole position and being the first Auto GP poleman made me very happy. I believe that tomorrow the key will be guessing the right set-up choices for the track, because the weather could be even warmer than today".

Fabio Onidi: “I'm really satisfied with my qualifying, starting the first race from the front row is the best way to begin a season. It wasn't easy because the temperatures were hard on the tires and made the track slippery, but the team was great in making immediately the right changes in the set-up. For tomorrow, I know that Reid will be hard to beat, but I will try the best possible start and I'm ready to fight".

Edoardo Piscopo: “Looking at my performances in the other days, I really wanted pole position but today's track conditions were really different, and the tires were really fast only on the first lap. Anyway, 3rd is good, I'm confident for the race because we have a good pace and the team is doing a great job".

Brno, qualifying times

1.Jonny Reid SuperNova 1'43”829
2.Fabio Onidi Lazarus 1'44”025 +0.196
3.Edoardo Piscopo DAMS 1'44”219 +0.390
4.Adrian Zaugg Trident 1'44”314 +0.485
5.Luca Filippi Euronova 1'44”322 +0.493
6.Vladimir Arabadzhiev DAMS 1'44”346 +0.517
7.Duncan Tappy DAMS 1'44”513 +0.684
8.Julian Leal Trident 1'44”515 +0.686
9.Giorgio Pantano SuperNova 1'44”523 +0.694
10.Jan Charouz Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'44”609 +0.780
11.Carlos Iaconelli Durango 1'44”897 +1.068
12.Adrien Tambay Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'44”914 +1.085
13.Walter Grubmüller Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'45”290 +1.461
14.Celso Miguez RP 1'45”730 +1.901
15.Stefano Bizzari RP 1'45”745 +1.916
16.Tomas Kostka Charouz-Gravity Racing 1'48”332 +4.503
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Filippi wins maiden Auto GP race   25/04/2010

Luca Filippi is the first ever Auto GP winner. The italian talent drove an amazing race, taking full advantage from Euronova's tactics. Being one of the few drivers (alongside Piscopo and Tappy) still having a set of new tires, Filippi chose an early pit-stop on lap 4, and from then on had pushed as hell with a clear track in front of him. From the tire change on, Filippi's laps were all below 1'45, and this allowed him to comeback passing all his opponents while they were doing their pit-stops. Despite being very fast on track, Edoardo Piscopo and Fabio Onidi could not match Filippi's pace, and had to fight for second position, from two very different race tactics. Onidi decided to stop for tires at the last possible moment, but having no new sets was clearly disadvantaged. When the Lazarus driver got back on track after the pit-stop, the DAMS car of Piscopo was in front of him: very fast and focused from the start, Edoardo clinched a well deserved second place.
While Filippi had a clear race, things were quite different for the rest of the group, right from the start when the poleman Jonny Reid stalled his car. All the field managed to avoid the SuperNova car but this situation mixed up the positions: Jan Charouz did a wonderful start passing from 10th to 5th, and also the RP duo, Bizzarri and Miguez, found the right way in the pack, while Zaugg and Leal did lose some places.
Just a few laps after the start the second SuperNova car retired from the race, with Pantano involved in a race crash with Brazilian Iaconelli which took the Safety Car in for two laps. At the restart there was some fighting among the RP Motorsport cars, with Bizzarri passing Miguez and Miguez overtaking again his team mate on the following corner. The Spanish driver, on lap 5, was the first to pit with Filippi, and Zaugg. Pit-stops did create some overtaking opportunities: thanks to a good pace and to his team's job in the pits Jan Charouz managed to overtake Arabadzhiev for fourth, but after exiting from the pits he had to keep Duncan Tappy at bay. The Czech and the Englishman drove two corners side by side, but Charouz closed the door and took the checkered flag in 4th position.
Behind Tappy, Tambay took 6th after a fierce fight with Arabadzhiev, with the Bulgarian driver just three tenths adrift at the end of the race. Closing the points, Adrian Zaugg was eight. This means that he will start from pole in Race 2.

Luca Filippi: “I knew that, having new tires, I had to race alone to take the best from them. So we opted for that early pit stop and everything went as planned. I even studied the pit entry and exit to be the fastest driver even there, and now I can say that it was very useful”.

Edoardo Piscopo: “I had a good start, and I tried to put pressure on Onidi. Despite being quicker I couldn't pass him. I managed to do that thanks to the team's tactics, and being second is good, it's a good starting point. In this race Filippi was quicker, but not by much”.

Fabio Onidi: “I knew that with no new tires I was disadvantaged, and I tried to push as much as I could from the start of the race. After seeing that the car was quick and the feeling ok, I decided for a late stop. Being on the podium is good for the championship, but after leading the race it's a bit disappointing”.

Brno, Race 1 results

1. Luca Filippi (Euronova Racing) 17 laps in 32’28"658
2. Edoardo Piscopo (Dams) + 5”896
3. Fabio Onidi (Lazarus) + 9”236
4. Jan Charouz (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +14”524
5. Duncan Tappy (Dams) +16”056
6. Adrien Tambay (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +25”073
7. Vladimir Arabadzhiev (Dams) +25”426
8. Adrian Zaugg (Trident Racing) +29”133
9. Walter Grubmüller (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +29”795
10. Julian Leal (Trident Racing) +30”466
11. Celso Miguez (RP Motorsport) +36”461
12. Stefano Bizzarri (RP Motorsport) +45”558
13. Jonny Reid (SuperNova) + 1 giro

Fastest lap: Filippi in 1’44”003, avg. 187,022 km/h

Not classified
Giorgio Pantano Crash
Carlos Iaconelli Crash
Tomas Kostka DNS
Silver medal driver
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Arabadzhiev and DAMS on top in Race 2   25/04/2010

Vladimir Arabadzhiev couldn't choose a better way to debut on the Lola B05/52 Auto GP car. The bulgarian driver took the win in the second race on the Brno circuit, keeping Adrian Zaugg at bay, even if only half of a second adrift. Starting from the front row, besides Zaugg who was the poleman, Arabadzhiev did a perfect start and immediately took the lead, even ahead of the first braking zone. From then on, Arabadzhiev stayed in the lead, managing to resist to Zaugg's impressive pace and pressure.
Behind them was Edoardo Piscopo, closing its Czech weekend with two podium finishes and with the lead of the championship, shared with Luca Filippi. Piscopo, starting from 7th, was involved in a close fight after the green light with Fabio Onidi and Duncan Tappy, but he was helped by his opponent's mistakes and bad luck. The first to go out of contention was Tappy, who had to serve a drive-through penalty for jump start, then it was the time of Onidi, stopped on track on lap 7 with an electrical issue.
At that point of the race Piscopo was 4th and started pushing to catch Adrien Tambay in front of him. The frenchman was doing a perfect race and was ready to get a podium finish, but with just two laps to go he locked the front wheels and went in the barriers, luckily with no damages for him and just a broken wing for the car.
Tambay's off meaned 4th place for a really fast Julian Leal: the driver from Bogota, starting from tenth, managed a great comeback, also clinching the third fastest time of the race. The overall fastest time was from Luca Filippi. The winner of the first race had a bad start in Race 2, and soon he was blocked in a duel for 11th place with Pantano and Iaconelli, so he decided to go back in the pits to mount new tires. Back on track, Filppi stopped the clocks on 1'43”260, which is the new official track record for the Brno track. Auto GP managed to beat the old record, 1'47”296 held by A1 GP with Alex Yoong at the wheel, by 4 seconds.
With the fastest lap point, Filippi climbed on top of the standings with Piscopo. This means that the two will share 130.000 euros, which is the sum of the first and second place prize.

Vladimir Arabadzhiev: “Frankly, I was not sure about my chances to win because I was racing on old tires, with already 11 laps on them. Anyway, I did a great start, and from then on things were easy. The car was slippery and Adrian was gaining time in the fast section, but I was able to build up the gap in the other sectors, so it was good”.

Adrian Zaugg: “I'm not happy about the start, but the race was good. I have to thank the team, because they guessed the right set-up for the race 2 track conditions, and this made my job easier. I tried attacking Vladimir, but when I got close I was losing grip, so passing was not possible”.

Edoardo Piscopo: “Two podium finishes are great, you have to be consistent if you want to win races and this is a great start. I'm happy for the guys at DAMS, working so hard for me, and for myself. I needed some good results after being so unlucky in the last months”.

Brno, Race 2

1. Vladimir Arabadzhiev (Dams) 13 giri in 22'58”445
2. Adrian Zaugg (Trident Racing) +0”486
3. Edoardo Piscopo (Dams) + 2”304
4. Julian Leal (Trident Racing) +4”365
5. Walter Grubmüller (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +5”859
6. Jan Charouz (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +8”101
7. Jonny Reid (SuperNova) +9”025
8. Carlos Iaconelli (Durango) +12”227
9. Giorgio Pantano (SuperNova) +15”689
10. Celso Miguez (RP Motorsport) +20”204
11. Duncan Tappy (Dams) +22”869
12. Stefano Bizzarri (RP Motorsport) +26”179
13. Luca Filippi (Euronova Racing) +1'02”946
14. Adrien Tambay (Charouz-Gravity Racing) +2 giri
15. Fabio Onidi (Lazarus) + 6 giri
16. Tomas Kostka (Charouz-Gravity Racing) DNS

Fastest lap: Filippi in 1’43”260 avg di 188,367 km/h

Drivers Standings: 1. Filippi e Piscopo 12 points; 3. Arabadzhiev 8; 4. Zaugg, Charouz e Onidi 6; 7. Tappy 4; 8. Leal e Tambay 3; 10. Grubmueller 2; 11. Reid 1.

Teams standings: 1. DAMS 22 points; 2. Euronova 12; 3. Charouz-Gravity Racing 11; 4. Trident 9; 5. Lazarus 6; 6. SuperNova 1.
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Uit het ontbreken van reacties op je enthousiaste Auto GP berichtgeving kun je 2 conclusies trekken...

Geen van de lezers is het Engels machtig en durft daarvoor uit te komen.


het Auto GP circus wordt als niet boeiend gezien.


No I dont understand, speak or read the English Language.

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